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What we offer!

What do our people say?

What are we up to?

We have all ages and fitness levels in each class! All smiling and supporting each other's goals!

Fit Factory was established in 2002. Our goal has always been to provide a true community for folks looking to improve their health and establish bonds with those walking the same path. 

Our programs are all unique as we cater to the members of our Fit Factory Family. No need to feel like you have to keep up! We adjust every workout for the person regardless of age or fitness level. 

If you need to feel encouraged and supported in your journey... look no further! 

What are we up to?

What do our people say?

What are we up to?

We love to get out and try new things as a team! We love to see our FF family out and about!

Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or other event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it.

What do our people say?

What do our people say?

What do our people say?


"Great team/family atmosphere and awesome training. Top notch owner who cares about his people."  - Tannor Giles

" Great gym! Everyone is like family and so supportive!" - Sherry Repass

"Love this place! Great gym! Great People!" - Erica Wombles

Best place I’ve ever found to work out. The gym is so much more than a gym; it is a family. I can’t imagine my life without it now!"- Amber Shultz

"Its great gym. great connections and an awesome instructor! " - JJ Jones

"  Love this place! A no judgement zone, just family and friends. Everyone is very encouraging and generally care about you and getting you to the best self you can be." - Natasha Norman


Great positive atmosphere. Never thought I would actually like going to exercise but I like going! Tough workouts but trainers are motivating and encouraging and train right along with you." - Cara Long

Promote current deals

Promote current deals

What do our people say?

Jump on this for Summer! Unlimited training, 3D scans and a nutritional plan!

Join us for a sweet deal this summer! Unlimited training, Nutritional Plan and 3D body imaging scans! We begin June 1st! 


Promote current deals



Q: Whats the training Schedule? 

A: Our Schedule changes slightly over the year with summer. Check the Schedule tab for the latest updates! 

Q: How much is it?

A: We have two programs to choose from. We offer fitness programs, Jiu Jitsu programs and a mix of both! We let our members pick what suits them. We also allow them to adjust and change if they decide. You are not set to a set schedule. 

The rate varies from $88 - $135 monthly depending on if you choose a singular program or both. 

Q: Do I have to sign and contract?

A: No. We prefer to set all our programs up on direct draft. That keeps things simple. If a person decides to quit. We only ask for a 30 day notice of cancellation. No questions asked. 

Q: Do you offer special discounts for family, first responders or students?

A: Yes! Feel free to message us and we can discuss those discounts. 

Q: Do I get a trial to see if I like it?

A: Yep! we feel the best way to let you see how great our business is by simply showing you! Come train a free week and you will understand why we have been in business and thriving for nearly 20 years! 

About Us

Our goal is to provide our members the best possible training!

We have a wall full of championships, certifications and awards for great service. We are very proud of those accomplishments but the real thing we offer is honesty. We train with our members. We struggle with the ups and downs right along side them. We GET it! That has come from 26 years in this industry grinding the best of the best in training. 

What's the best? Nothing! 

The best is finding your tribe that helps you to overcome levels you never dreamed of! To truly care about you, your family and your goals! So if you want to know more about all our Black Belts, Papers on the wall or other things we can brag about... just ask! 

IF you want to know what we are " About"? That's simple! We are about YOU! We are about enjoying our FF family as much as possible! Come join us and let's make some memories with YOU! 

Our Location

Fit Factory is over 7,000 square feet of training imagination! 

* a full outside Obstacle Course 

* over 3,000 square feet of mat space 

* all the training equipment you could dream of! 

* Fit3D body imaging scanning

*Locker room with a Shower

Monthly and Annual Memberships Are Available

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